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Connecting you to safe, reliable AgeTech services

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We are here to create a safe community that connects users to safer nursing homes or cares, provide services that allows them to safely commute to doctors by booking wheelchair rental services and a Wheelchair friendly ride booking.

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What We Do

LOBA is the new AgeTech.


Using the digital space to support and connect the growing senior population with tools to get through their day to day lives.

We are a application that provides a door-to-door seamless booking service for the elderly to get to places without any shame or trouble. Service includes a one stop customized matching for:


- Ride-hailing that is wheelchair friendly

- Wheelchair rental


- Hiring a door-to-door carer to assist with on and off movements during the commute


We focus on simple UX/UI suitable for the elderly and have a built-in voice recognition to activate location of pickup and drop off booking for those who struggle with typing on device. Our adoption with AI in the back-end system allows fast customized matching from user to service provider within 24 hours.


Everyone will grow old. Including you.

Time to plan ahead.


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Everyone will grow old. Including you.
Time to plan ahead.

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